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Tapestry Sewing Stands
Made in timber, this item comes in 9 x 600mm long pieces. Package includes -
    2 x base section
    1 x spacer dowel
    4 x lower leg
    2 x upper arm
    8 x bolt and nut
    Assembly instructions

Price - $65.00

To buy a Tapestry Stand -
Please phone or email to order one which can either be collected from us or posted to you.
If postage is required -
    we will need to know your address so we can calculate costs as these differ from location to location
    please post a cheque or postal order or your credit card details 
(Visa or MasterCard only)  for the total amount  to
        PO Box 121, Greenslopes, 4120

sewing frame shown in photo is for display purposes only and NOT included (these are available from most craft shops)


Once assembled, the height of the sewing frame can be adjusted to suit any seat, by changing the angle between the upper arms and lower leg. It can even be left in the upright position and used standing up!

The position of the base section of the stand even allows the user to be sitting comfortably on a sofa

Made to suit the average 600mm wide sewing frame, it can be adjusted to smaller frames by sliding the legs closer together along the dowel spacer bar
For larger sewing frames, replace the included spacer bar with a longer 19mm dowel of appropriate length, available at most hardware stores

For a large variety of unique cross stitch patterns, check out the ones from PABSTAD at