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Wood Puzzles
There are a variety of wooden puzzles to challenge the mind

All come with solution sheets in sealed envelopes (just in case they get the better of you)

Mouse Trap - $5.00

Free the marble from the maze in the wood block

Star Box - $7.00

12 shaped blocks with a marble inside

Hollow Cube - $7.00

24 identical shaped blocks.
Relatively simple construction but requires a steady hand
to prevent it collapsing while being put together

Burr - $7.00

12 shaped blocks.
A more difficult one for those who find these puzzles too easy
Woodchuck - $10.00

A good one to challenge the mind

Not the Knots - $5.00

Unloop the rope from the two wood blocks, without using scissors!
Then get them back together again.
Not as easy as it seems